Craft + Design is a museum-quality show, produced by the Visual Arts Center of Richmond, that has garnered a reputation for showcasing the finest in contemporary craft. Craft + Design kicks off the official holiday shopping season in Richmond, VA where shoppers spend the weekend browsing the works of artists from all over the country.


Sally Ashburn
Zhiela Ashtiani
Jenny Bassett
Priscilla Burbank
Adrienne Cole Johnson
Susan Craven Johnson
Jean DeShazo Jumet

Sarah Gross
Jessica Haddad
Chris Hairston-White
Marissa Hermanson Moomaw
Stephanie McGrath
SAM Messmer
Meredith Miles

Emilia Penney
Celia Rafalko
Stephanie Ruffin
Kim Ruscio
Wendy Shannon
Frankie Slaughter
Tyler Snidow

Jane Sper
Lora Spiller
Lynn Spitzer
Dian Suder
Vicki Thompson
Clare Tilton
Anna von Gehr
Karin Walker

Craft + Design Over the Years


Craft + Design is an event by the Visual Arts Center of Richmond.

VisArts has helped adults and children explore their creativity and make art since 1963.

Craft + Design is an event by the Visual Arts Center of Richmond.

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Shopping Craft + Design online is free with a suggested $10 donation. All donations support the programs at VisArts.